Arthur Benbow - Biography


Arthur Arthur began his life in Bristol, England. he inherited the urge to travel on two wheels from his late parents who spent their honeymoon touring Wales on a tandem. Sadly his parents had rain for most of their honeymoon, arising from that Arthur arrived nine months later.

So for his 16th birthday Arthur was given a brand new bicycle and a map of Wales.

It was two years after he got married in 1961, he took a temporary job as a home service insurance agent. The temporary job lasted for 32 years 25 of which were in management. So with family responsibilities staring him in the face, Arthur had to give up the relationship with his bike which ended up in the back of his garage for the next 20 years

Promotion took Arthur and his family from Bristol to Bath in 1968 and back to Wales in 1975.

It was in July 1993 that Arthur’s temporary job came to an end when he retired. Sadly four months later Arthur’s wife Sylvia died from an inoperable heart condition.

Arthur and Sylvia had shared an active involvement in Charity work with the British Heart Foundation and membership of the ARP050. It was through his commitment to these charities that Arthur found the strength to endure the turmoil in the months that followed the death of Sylvia, Through this he found the support and encouragement that helped him to plan his future without a partner.

At that point in time 1993, Arthur was resident in the ancient market town of Cowbridge in the Vale of Glamorgan just 15 miles west of Cardiff where slowly his future began to take shape. It took Arthur one year to decide what to do with the rest of his life. In November 1994 he undertook a 14 day charity cycle ride in Israel raising £2000 for the British Heart Foundation.

In May of 1995 Arthur flew to San Francisco along with his beloved cycle and spent the next six weeks on a 3789 mile cycle ride across the USA to the east coast of Virginia, thanks to support from Rotary clubs and American firms in Wales a total of £7581 was raised for a new Children’s Hospice in Wales. plus a 50 minute DVD of this trip is available for a donation of your choice via all income will go the charity in question.

Arthur’s family were hoping that his ride across the USA would get the travel bug out of his system his diary will confirm otherwise.

It was in November 1995 that Arthur undertook his first visit to New Zealand with six weeks of cycling, three with the UK CTC and three with friends from the USA. A further three visits will confirm his love of New Zealand

The next three years were spent on organized cycle tours with the Cyclists Touring Club in Italy, Greece, France, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

It was in 1998 he saw an advert in a UK cycling magazine for a world tour in the millennium. It was being organized by an American company who had spent five years planning Odyssey 2000. This was the ultimate challenge a 12 month world tour, cycling with over 200 other mad fools but only two from the UK - 45 countries and 19,000 miles - commencing in Pasadena, USA averaging 70 miles a day five days a week. Arthur raised £4,500 for the NSPCC See

In 2003 a cycle tour in Nepal. where it did not take long to appreciate the beauty of Nepal and sadly the lack of education for the younger generation. In 2005 Arthur co-founded a UK charity which now raises over £7000 per year. Since the 2015 Earthquake income has increased to over £70,000 which will cover the cost of just one of the eight schools we support

In 2010 and 2013 Arthur raised in excess of £2500 for on a 73 mile trek to Everest base camp and back, not once but twice

It was in 2012 that Arthur celebrated his 80th birthday with a 14 days cycle tour in Ireland along with a group of cycling friends from the UK, USA and Canada.

In 2013 another birthday celebration with a 21 day cycle ride along the trans Canada Trail from Vancouver to Banff along with cycling friends from Canada, USA and UK . On this trip Arthur was absent from home for five months cycling in Canada and the USA meeting up with cycling groups en route.

The last twenty years have been in memory of my dear wife Sylvia and parents Reg and Ethel