Kids At School In Nepal (KASIN)

How it Started


The story began on 22nd December 2003 when Arthur Benbow first visited Nepal on a 14 day organised cycle tour. It was just three days before Christmas when Arthur cycled through the remote village of Palubari in the Kathmandu Valley. He came upon a school with no children, it was Saturday, a day when the children of Nepal don’t go to school. However, some staff and the Headmaster were at the school. Arthur was welcomed by the Headmaster who looked at the bearded globetrotter and said “Welcome Xmas Father, would you care to see around the school?” Conditions for the six staff and 80 children were incredibly basic with only one toilet for both staff and children. In the short period we had been in Nepal we had been impressed by the beauty of the Country and the friendly welcome from every one we made contact with. Sadly the country had been through seven years of revolution, mass protests and strikes and it was another three years before the first election took place when Nepal became a Democratic Republic. Add to this the fact that the main source of income for Nepal was from farming and Tourism, arising from which, state funding for education had a very low priority, with 70% of the adult population being illiterate. It was obvious to our group visiting Splendid Valley English School (founded in 1998) that help in any shape or form would be welcome. Bearing in mind that the best way to improve the quality of life for any 3rd World country is to provide help (not money) to educate the younger generation. So our group took the story and pictures of Splendid Valley School back to friends and family in the UK. Arising from which funding and offers of help were sent and taken out and in 2005 it was decided that we should become a registered Charity.

Visit to School - December 2011

Since 2015

So a big thank you to two retired teachers Patrick and Liz Wherity who took over from Arthur Benbow in 2015, plus Jill Deeley, John Peet, and other trustees (see>) including the Rotary Clubs and UK schools.

After Patrick and Liz Wherity took over from Arthur at KASIN’S 10th year birthday celebration in Settle, a few weeks later a devastating earthquake hit Nepal.

KASIN then raised over £40,000 to rebuild the poorest Primary School in the area at Dhandakharka

Other progress made by Patrick and Liz Wherity can be found at the following links: