I would like to extend my grateful thanks to the many folk and commercial organizations who have supported my efforts for the N.S.P.C.C in the 3 years of preparation and the participation in my ultimate cycle adventure around the world.
First and foremost a dedication to my dear departed wife Sylvia who 2 months after retiring advised me to slow down and put my feet up. Plus my family Michael, Claire and Simon who have patiently supported and followed my lifestyle.
It is impossible to list all the individuals who have donated sponsorship (100% of which goes to the N.S.P.C.C) or given advice and help over this project but I would like to identify the following:-
Royal Liver Assurance, Liverpool (the company I joined in 1961 as a temp agent and remained for 32 years 25 in management)
To the board, staff in Head Office and in sales offices throughout the country, plus my many ex colleagues (now pensioners) around the country my sincere thanks to all concerned for the interest you have shown and generous contributions you have made to the N.S.P.C.C which currently exceed 1,500. My thanks also for the reciprocal website link which I trust will benefit all concerned. 
Hiscox plc of London
Cardiff Lions Club
Robert E Lloyd  (Opticians) Cardiff and Cowbridge
Clubs of Rotary International (District 1150)
Bristol Section of the Cyclist's Touring Club
Llantwit Major & Vale Cycling Touring Club
Reg Braddick Cycles